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Is it worth it to pay a company to stage a home prior to sale?


The fees vary and it depends on what needs to be done in the house. Remember the house is a commodity- I  like to compare a home to merchandise, if it is worthy to sell then it is worthy of the best presentation and marketing out there. That means merchandising or staging, taking the lived in look and creating the longed for look.Many homeowners have the money to do something to get their house on the market, they just don't know how to obtain the look- a stager helps to direct the homeowner, investing money on iteme to get the house ready for market that will give them the best ROI.Good luck! Hope you find a Stager that can provide your sellers an edge in this competitive market!

Is it worth it to pay a company to stage a home prior to sale?


Most home stager will work with the home owner to stay within a budget that is reasonable for them. They will try to improve upon the home using mostly what the home owner already has, incurring no additional cost. Having a home staged will definitely help it stand out from the inventory on the market. All the little things that need to be taken care of will be addressed ahead of time which will probably result in a higher selling price then if it was not staged.  

To Stage or not to Stage........


With 90% of buyers now "looking" for their next home online it is even more essential to make sure that the home is presented in the best light it can be. The photographs that "show" the home are important and staging can help make the connection to the buyers. The cleaning and de-cluttering of the home is important, taking it one step beyond is what will make the home sell.