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new or used home?


There's certainly an argument for either new or used and it all depends on the Buyer's needs and wants, lifestyle, budget, and desired location.  A used home often is usually located closer in the city and provides a better opportunity for using public transportation or walking to nearby business.  Plus an older home has more character, just like people!  Often times you have classic exterior architecture and a modernized interior.  Plus, many items area already in place like landscaping an window coverings preserving your cash.  That being said, an older home may also need remodeling and may not be built with the best energy efficient materials.  And older homes often don't have modern floorplan detailing like additional bathrooms, walk-in closets, and enclosed garages.A new home, while it lacks character, is a blank slate for the homebuyer to personalize to their exact preferences.  There are many advantages to purchasing a new home when it comes to modern floorplan details and features,  not to mention better  energy efficient materials.  And pardon the reference but a lot of new homebuyers like to know they were the first to use the bathroom fixtures, if you know what I mean!  One additional thing to consider when purchasing new is that you will most likely be in outlying area, where everything is being built new.   It may take awhile for all the day-to-day conveniences to materialize.

buying real estate


Is your question relative to your interest as a Buyer or a Seller?  If your interest is to Buy a smaller home or a second home timing couldn't be better.  While some think prices may fall further, if you consider the impact of increasing interest rates you are better off securing the lower interest rate.

How to do a comparable market appraisal


The details of an accurate comparable market appraisal would inlcude not only what has closed near the property, but what is pending and active.  Start with properties within the neighborhood that are of similar size and amenities.  If you do not have adequate comparables in your own neighborhood, look out about 1/2 mile mile to find properties.  I wouldn't recommend going further than 1 mile in all directions from the subject property.  Homeowners can attempt this on their own but it is best to contact a Realtor that has experience in your market area.  The local MLS service has the most accurate information for performing a comparable market appraisal.

I hired an agent who posted ugly photos and intentionally tried to keep me from selling or renting..


Sorry you are having this problem with your agent.   It is most likely an oversight on the part of your agent as  listing agents don't get paid unless the home sells!   I would suggest you call or E-mail your concerns and ask that the correction be made within 24 hours.  If for some reason you don't get a response, contact the broker and asked to be released from your listing contract.