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How do I find the value of my home


The only way to find the true value of your home is to contact a Realtor who has full access to the MLS records which include SOLDS in your neighborhood during the past few months.  This method of finding the value through a Realtor is called a BPO or more commonly known as a CMA.  I can provide you with the finest Realtor who will give you this information and who can list your house For Sale when you are ready to Sell.Dick Miller, REALTORRE/MAX Alliance

can i sell my house that has a mortgage with one company and an equity loan with another?


When you owe more money on the First Mortgage than your house would sell for, that is called a Short Sale.  I am a Short Sale Specialist who can walk you through the process from start to finish.  I would have to know more about your situation before making a statement.  I have three Certifications in Short Sales and have Closed every Short Sale that I have worked on since 2007.  A Home Equity Line of Credit is a Second Mortgage.  Therefore, your Lenders would have to agree with anything that was settled at the Closing of a Short Sale.