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    10/10/2013 - joshhensleyhvac
    Bought a home in 2012.

    I purchased my first income property with Donna and her team. She and her team were very helpful in finding inspectors, and even loan officers. 1 year later Donna found my family and I a perfect home. This was a foreclosure and needed lots of love. The 203k loan I did was trying at times, but the Glazer team kept thinks moving in the proper direction. Today I've been living here for a year and 5 months.Thanks Donna you and your team are the best in our book.

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    10/10/2013 - laurie peterik
    Sold a home in 2012.

    I found Donna Glazer to be a hard worker, diligent in trying to find me the perfect new home and get mine sold. She had a lot of good ideas, and it was obvious she knew how to accomplish the task at hand.

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    09/10/2013 - user1485713
    Sold a home in 2011.

    Donna has gone above and beyond my expectations! She has the most expertise and professionalism in marketing my house and assisting in negotiations. She truly has a passion in helping you sell your home and to find your dream home! Thank you Donna for helping me sell my last to homes and finding my last two dream homes. We are truly blessed with all your efforts, expertise, and hard work 24/7!!

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    07/06/2012 - daniel 50
    Found a tenant for a Single Family home in Woodridge, IL.

    I was gratefull to have Donna as my agent, she had been working with me to rent and sell my property. She had worked to get the right people that will pay there rent on time and keep the place clean. I was very pleased about how she had took care of the property with the renters. I had listed the property with her because of the work of the past.

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