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Is it helpful to be represented by a Realtor when buying New Construction?

Here are just a few things, as a Realtor, I can help you with:Is that really the best price?Do you really have to pay a lot premium?Can we negotiate that binder requirement?Is that the best incentive/promo you are offering?Can we have a home inspection?What can be done about the results of the home inspection?Tell me about your construction standards.Let's talk about the closing date.I can also help you with your option negotiating as well as your selections.

Heading to Myrtle Beach this weekend?

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How to take the Stress Out of Homebuying

Buying a home should be fun, not stressful. As you look for your dream home, keep in mind these tips for making the process as peaceful as possible.Find a real estate agent who you connect with. Remember, there's no "right" time to buy, just as there's no perfect time to sell.. Don't ask for too many opinions. Accept that no house is ever perfect. Don't try to be a killer negotiator. .Remember your home doesn't exist in a vacuum. Plan ahead. Factor in maintenance and repair costs in your post-home buying budget. Accept that a little buyer's remorse is inevitable and will probably pass. Choose a home first because you love it; then think about appreciation

Anyone moving to the Myrtle Beach area?

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What are the top 10 Spring Home Improvements?

1. Replace windows2. Install a new heating system and change filters 3. Clean air conditioning units 4. Install more insulation5. Switch out inefficient appliances6. Repair or replace roofs, gutters, and downspouts7. Paint8. Prune trees9. Mulch plantings10. Replace lightbulbs