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July 2010 existing home sales fell by 27.2%. The worst since 1995. Is it still a good time to buy?


Each market is different, so saying that homes are overpriced isn't true.  One reason to consider buying now is the record low interest rates.  In our society we buy houses based on what we can afford in the way of a monthly payment, but our thought process isn't there yet.  Our thoughts are that we want to get the best deal, so we want to time the market to get the home when it reaches its lowest price.  In reality, if the market drops the interest rates are likely to rise meaning you can afford less house.  Look around at your market and visit with a Realtor there.

Appraiser's Geographic Competency

Has anyone had any luck at getting rid of appraisers from outside of your geographic area?  We've had some that drive from small towns 2.5 hours away to a market they have no knowledge of.  The HVCC complaint form from Fannie specifically says that it doesn't accept complaints about geographic competency.   What are your thoughts and strategies? 

Has anyone else been the target of an attempted Scam?


We've had listings posted to Craigslist as homes for rent.  They strip our photos and then try to collect rent under the guise of being out of the country temporarily.  That seems to be the overriding theme, out of the country email addresses.

I can't get agents to come to company meetings.


Probably 30-35 of them are dead weight anyway, so strategically pick the ones you want to keep and strategically fire some.  Now getting new agents is the real question.  In this economy we aren't having many people entering the business right now.  How do you recruit new people?

Which is better? Blackberry, Iphone or HTC Evo?

I've used the Crackberry for years, but with the evolution of our MLS going mobile I think I need a better internet phone.  I've got the BB Bold.  Have heard that the Evo is the best, what do you think?

Foreclosures/Short sales bought by Realtor's & flipped cheap. How to overcome?


That might be "the market" for your neighborhood.  Unfortunately with the rash of foreclosures there isn't much you can do.  If a buyer can buy house A for $325,000 or House B for $275,000 and they were the same age, size, builder, etc which one are they going to buy?  As an appraiser, we might ignore it if there is just one flip in the neighborhood, but if it is a recurring theme, then that sets the market.