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Refi 1st mortgage with HELOC subordinated?


Correction, I have a 1st mortgage (550k) with Chase and a HELOC (330K) with BofA on my residence.  Is there any lender who will allow me to refi just the 1st mortgage if BofA agrees to subordination?Thank you.

What is the current jumbo loan limit?

I spoke to a Chase mortgage rep to day about refinancing my loan and he said the jumbo loan limit is $417k.However, shows that for California, the limit is $625,500.Thanks.

Refi 1st mortgage with HELOC subordinated?

Hello,I have a 1st jumbo mortgage and a HELOC on my residence.  The combination of both debts exceeds the value of the home.  Assume I can get the HELOC subordinated for the refi, is there a lender out there who would allow a refi of the 1st mortgage in my situation?Thank you.