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Email my contacts

When I click on the email address in my contacts it will not link to my gmail mail

how do i obtain a cma on my home


Have your local Real Estate agent expert help you. Look for a Realtor that will not charge you for the CMA. Ask for a  FREE CMA REQUEST to see what's the current market value of your home in todays market. Many of us do it as a courtesy. Good Luck.

Seller not signing the escrow cancellation!


Well, one should be very careful when making an offer on a Short sale. I do not understand something. Had you not seen the house before you made the offer? Had you not looked at other homes in the area? After 1991, homes were no longer built in California with asbestos. That is why it is extremely important to do your homework. All buyers should be aware that most Short sales are sold in as is condition. I do not think you have a leg to stand on saying that you were unaware of the HUGE electric power poles in the backyard. This situation is awful for everyone. The homeowner, the bank, the agents, the title company and most of all you. Buyers please beware, code violations on short sales are to be expected. Expect the worst. You are in most cases buying homes at deep discounts.