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3D Listings LLC (d.b.a. RentVine) is a privately held, employee-owned company headquartered in Superior, Colo. Founded by Dave Dugdale.RentVine
3D Listings LLCDave Dugdale started RentVine in the spring of 2005. Unlike RentVine's competitors Dave Dugdale has kept the company small (just himself) and lightweight. Dave hopes in a year or two (2009) that his site will catch up to the big sites such as RentClicks, RentalHouses which have many dozen employees. OK, who am I kidding, everyone knows that I am writing this (Dave), let me drop the 3rd person.Some companies like RentalHouses received over 3 million dollars in funding, I have received none. I am all about starting this company in an organic fashion.Now that RentalHouses, RentClicks and HomeRentalAds have been acquired by CSI, my task of beating them in a couple of years is getting harder.I like to think of myself as a friendly competitor and I have had my competition on my podcast show at RadioVine.I also developed a free interactive mapping tool for property managers as well that allows you display all the properties for rent on the home page of your site.I also have
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