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who is the owner?


HowdyCentral Appriasal shows KLUNDT is owner of record. It is always possible that transaction take place and do not get recorded promptly.  This is the best reason that when buying you get a title search and title policy.

I am looking for a realtor/investor


HowdyI would love to introduce you to El Paso Texas.We will be growing the armed forces by 30000+ and will need more rentals. I can help you purchase  properties that  will cash flow.  Aside from military watch for El Paso to be a major medical and research locale as well as IT.  I welcome questions and solicit discussions and inquiries

What is the future of Las Tierras


HowdyThe Tierras and its zipcode of 79938 is the fastest growing area of El Paso.  Why?  Proximity to everything and everything new!   Shopping, new hospitals, libaries, parks, restaurants and more.  Socorro School district hailed with a high school/college combo and students earning college degrees, associate degrees and high school diplomas all at same time. Off loop 375 that takes you around the city without using the congested freeway.  And by the large main gate to Bliss/Biggs is just 4 mintues away.    

Can I reduce my house payment?..


HowdyMortgage payments are part of life and if you bought with one of those cute deals you can be working for the mortgage bank.  Refinance if you can. And then today it seems that majority of the mortgage companies are willing to talk about restructuring your loan and payments.   Catch is you have to qualify.  Best of luck to you



Howdy!  Rent of Sale?    You obviously have a wonderful choice. If you can rent and cash flow (have money left over after mortgage and expenses) this is a investors dream and with El Paso needing more rentals int he coming have an opportunity. Of course making 3 times what you paid allows you to take your money and NOT run but invest into some more opportunities.  Have an awesome day you lucky person!!

is 100/sq ft a good price for a 1950 sq ft home in the cimarron subdivision? (West Side )


HowdyPrices in this market get challenged with all the foreclosure and resales.  Basic buying smarts overview in buying a resale is that you will have a professional inspection and you will ask for a home warranty. It seems that all builders get a negative hit on them and of course no one talks about the happy customers.  In a nutshell, the house should stand on its own with a good inspection report.  Have an awesome day!

If I have alot of equity in one property, what can I do to tap into that money and buy another one?


HowdyIf you are in El Paso Texas this is an interesting market. I would love that all my family and friends owned no less than 10 homes by the the time they are fifty. So, get  a home equity loan at the latest and greatest lower than low rates and then plan.  Lease this home and buy another.  Buying homes for the purpose of growing your portfolio and planning retirement require a professional and forward view.  Happy Memorial day to all and thank you men and women in our armed services for serving our country.

Property Taxes in El Paso Texas

Property Values have decreased more than 2%. Taxpayers have a very limited window to request a protest. Must be filed by June 1 or 30 days from the receipt of the notice. Question we should all ask, can I sell my house for what CAD has it valued at?