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Is there an advantage to using the same agent to list your house and buy one of their listings?


It's a win-win relationship if you're happy with your listing agent. Your agent already knows where you stand with your sale and can save you a lot of time interviewing buyers agents when they most likely know where and what you want in your new home.  Another advantage is you listing agent will often give you a good deal on the commission they charge if they know they will also be your buyers agent.

I am looking to move to another state, I want to buy a home before I move, what are my options?


Start your search on line, find the area you like and look at the listings. Contact an agent in that area and let them know your criteria. If you can't make the trip to look at the home, the agent can preview it for you. If you build a good rapport with the agent, they can save you time in selecting the preview homes.  Make sure you have a pre-qualification letter from a lender before you start your preview process.

How can i get an agent for the buyer side?


No you can choose your own agent to represent you. Word of mouth references from family or friends who've used a realtor is a good way to start. Keep in mind that your realtor will be representing you only.

What do you think about Open Houses on days ore than sundays?


Our traffic has been very low on all open houses. Sunday's seem to work best for the after church crowd. We pick up buyers occasionally but get lots of lookers. Each area is different, so it's worth a try. I like holding an occassional evening open house, when the home and pool area is lighted up.

Is this the time to sell???


If you live in Florida, it's not. If  you don't have to sell and can wait, that would be my advise. On the other hand, if you have a lot of equity in your home and are willing to sell it for today's market price, you may consider it. Some sellers feel they are giving their homes away, but don't look at the deals they're getting on the other side when they buy. They are picking them up a a steal also in lots of cases. Consider both sides before deciding.

can i see more pictures?


Hi, unfortunately it sold in Feb. for $111,000.  I can help you find others if you give me your criteria. Example, what is the maximum you want to spend, location and how soon do you want to buy. Feel free to call me at 863-512-2686.  I can build a web site for you to search from that will help.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.Earlene Lash