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Why realtors want work with my existing lender


I hope that you have found a Realtor that you are comfortable with and that you can trust.  Congratulations to you on doing the right thing and getting pre-approved before you start your home search.  You are ahead of the game :)

Understanding impact on location to market value (using comparables)...


Yes, contact a local Realtor to help you with this.  While you have access to what homes sold for and are looking at the tax assessors site for sold values, the square footage, bedrooms, baths, etc. can be very wrong on this site.  The Realtor will be able to see if the seller paid closing costs for the buyer and other concessions that might have been given on the sale.  You can not find out this on your own.  Another option is to hire a licensed appraiser and pay for an appraisal on your home.  Good luck!



Please see  "what is a Zestimate?"  It describes the data used for calculation of Zestimates.

Can we negotiate the agents % or is it a set in stone thing?


There is no set commission rate.  The listing agreement is between the Seller and the Listing company.  The terms of that agreement are put in writing at the time the paperwork is signed.  The agent that will work for the lowest commission may not be the agent that is the best for you.  Interview a few Realtors in your area and let them tell you their marketing plan and what rate they charge.  Good luck to you!