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Brent Mendelson


Mortgage Lender (12 years experience)

Purchase Loan,
Home Equity,
Mortgage Planning

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I am married and we have two beautiful daughters named Mollie and Lillie and a son on the way. He will be joining us soon and we are very excited to meet him. Life is very busy with the changes in the mortgage industry and our growing family but both have been very good to us. We have a springer spaniel that is just settling down named Jazz. He is crazy about the kids and vice versa.

When my wife isn't pregnant we enjoy traveling and enjoying good wine and our friends and family. I play kickball and it's alot of fun pretending to be a kid again. It's harder than you think so you can't make fun of me unless you play yourself. :) And of course spending time just playing with my daughter. No matter how bad my day is when I see her it just all melts away.

I just want to tell you why I entered the mortgage business. The first time I bought a home we had no clue on how to do it. We went with the realtors mortgage lender and he knew he had people who had no clue as to what they were doing. He charged excessive fees, gave us a pre-payment penalty and a high rate. When I complained prior to settlement he agreed to lower the rate and fees. At the settlment table all the missing fees were magically there again. He gave some excuses but they fees stayed. I had no choice but to sign.
On a purchase there is little protection for the homebuyer but as of July 30th that has finally started to change. Switching lenders now though at the last minute has become extremely tough because banks are busier than ever and the government has implemented tough new rules that do protect you more than ever but also make things much harder to switch lenders.

Bottom line I know how confusing it is to purchase a home and even harder to know who can be trusted to deliever what they promise and deliver it on time. I also remember the helpless feeling of knowing that you are being ripped off and also knowing that you can't do much about it. That feeling is what made me go out and read and learn about the mortgage industry.That led me to get a job as a loan officer and I have been doing it for over 7 years.

My pledge to you is clear honest answers so you never walk away feeling the way I did in July 2001.
I am only asking that I be one of the people you talk to when comparing rates and fees. Give me a few minutes of your time and you will receive a closing cost estimate, answers to your questions and the best rate that I can get for you. Will it ALWAYS be the best rate? Not always but I will try my best to be the best rate. I have seen many rates on Zillow that can't be delivered for many reasons. For example, if you tell me that you are moving in 60 days then I will quote you for 60 days. Many others will still quote you 30 days because the pricing is better. Yes it's better but you won't close in 30 days so I am not sure what good that rate quote actually is.

It's not always about rate in today's mortgage market, it's about getting it done and done on time also. I think that in most cases I will have the best rate but again I won't just blindly promise that. No one really can if they are being honest.
I have a long list of clients though and they in their own words will tell you how I do business and the way I treat my clients. I think you will like what you see. I look forward to working with you and building that trust one day at a time. All I can ask for is the chance to help.

Brent Mendelson
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04/20/2013 - user91540948
Closed refinance loan. Frederick, MD

We have not even closed yet and Brent has gone above and beyond the call of duty that I would expect or have experienced from a loan officer. I have a CDA Loan which I am only now learning is one of the hardest loans to refinance. I spoke to several loan officers before finding Brent and wouldn't get any farther after the letters "CDA" left my mouth. He's been very thorough with explaining to me how he can help and all of our options. Brent Spent almost an hour with me on the phone during our first conversation without even knowing he'd be able to do business with us. I'm sure I will have another review or more to post upon closing of our loan. Even IF we don't I highly recommend him.Thanks Brent.  More Less 

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01/05/2009 - mbrown2045
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Linton Hall, Bristow, VA 20136

Brent did an excellent job for us. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in obtaining a loan.

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10/06/2008 - rockville irish babe
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Springfield, Brookmont, MD 20816

I haven't closed my loan with Brent yet but fully intend to as soon as we can (which will be quicker than I had thought). One of the quotes I received mentioned that Brent's quote was too low and impossible ... well that is not true so I am glad I didn't listen to that and I called him. I have locked in the best rate and have gotten good sound advise from Brent every step of the way thus far. We have three investment properties and fully intend to work with Brent in the future.  More Less 

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