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08/30/2011 - Percuss
Sold a Condo home in 2011 for approximately $200K in Downtown, Sacramento, CA.

Elizabeth just sold our townhouse via short sale and did a GREAT job with a DIFFICULT case. She made dealing with an almost impossible bank possible. THANK YOU ELIZABETH!

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/31/2011

Yes, that particular bank is not my favorite bank and, in fact, many agents in the short sale business won't even touch a short sale with that bank. But I know what they do and how to work with them, so I was happy to facilitate this for you.



08/30/2011 - tonacky
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $150K in Colonial Heights, Sacramento, CA.

Elizabeth really knows the ins and outs of short sales. We unfortunately had to move out of state for work and couldn't afford to keep our property that had fallen in value by nearly 60% in 4 years. I found Elizabeth by reading her many articles on About.com that explain the details of the short sale process and the many options out there. When I realized she was an agent in the Sacramento area, I called her up to get some advice which she kindly gave with no pressure to make any decisions. A month later when we finally decided that we had no other choice but to sell, we called Elizabeth and our short sale was smooth sailing after that. We began the process in the end of May and closed escrow on our property in the end of August. I was amazed that we could sell our home as a short sale and be completely done free and clear in only 3 months. She is always on the ball and stays on top of the details. I have a relative who was foreclosed on during their short sale even though that had offers for their property. Their agent was not very responsive and really cost them a lot. I'm glad we went with Elizabeth and would highly recommend her for anyone in the same situation.

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/31/2011

Thank you, Tony. And probably one of the nicer aspects of this transaction is the buyer who was so patient throughout and never in a million years thought he could afford a home as beautiful as yours. You made somebody else's dream come true as well.



08/30/2011 - Janette105
Sold a Miscellaneous home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Carmichael, CA.

Due to a job transfer, we were forced to sell our home as a short sale. We were so completely overwhelmed at the thought of this. My husband researched and researched and came across the name Elizabeth Weintraub. We interviewed 3 real estate agents and Elizabeth, BY FAR, was the woman for the job! She really knows her stuff. We had 4 offers within 3 days! Unfortunately, our first buyer backed out with cold feet due to the inspection report near the very end (closing), but within 2 weeks, Elizabeth had our house sold again! The second buyers came through and we closed Escrow today. A total of 5 months from start to finish (would have been much sooner had the first buyer not backed out).

I cannot tell you how thankful and appreciative my husband and I are of Elizabeth and Shaundra. They were both ALWAYS available (or got back to you VERY quickly) and extremely efficient. In the most kindest way, we have referred to Elizabeth as a bulldog as she is tenacious and a real go-getter. She got the job DONE!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/31/2011

I don't mind being referred to as a bulldog. I take it as a compliment. Ha, ha, I did not know that you interviewed other agents, but I'm glad you picked me. Thanks a million for this review, and best of luck to you both in your new town.



08/24/2011 - sasha5
Sold a home in 2011.

Elizabeth and team(including Shaundra) were wonderful to work with! Negotiating a short sale is a challenging process and Aurora is known to be a difficult lender to work with. However the process was relatively smooth. The few minor road bumps along the way were quickly remedied. Short sales can be so trying, but we felt confident the whole while with Elizabeth behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking for a real-estate professional. She was very easy to work with, quick to respond to calls and emails and very professional. Overall, Elizabeth made a very difficult process much more bearable.

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/25/2011

Whoa, this was a nice surprise, Sasha. Thank you for taking the initiative to post this, and I didn't even send you a link or ask you to do it, LOL. This was very sweet of you. Thanks, again.



08/04/2011 - bravaga
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $175K in Cresthaven, Roseville, CA.

Choosing to try to do a short sale was not an easy decision for my wife and I. We had heard a lot of horror stories about the banks and how difficult it was, and we also knew that the market was flooded with properties and ours may be difficult to sell. We received Elizabeth's name and number from a trusted source who assured us that she was the person we needed to work with to get this done. As soon as we met her we knew it was the right decision. Elizabeth is very professional and very savvy in the in and outs of the short sale process. She told us what to expect and about how long it would take and she steered us right at every turn. Ultimately she found the perfect buyer for us, who was willing to stick out the slow short sale process and was also willing to pay cash. It was a dream come true for my wife and I and we are very grateful to Elizabeth for helping us get through this tough process! Thank you Elizabeth, I will recommend you to everyone I know!!!!!!

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/04/2011

Thank you, Brian -- It was truly a pleasure helping you. You were very fast on the turnaround, and that's always an advantage in a short sale. If you ever need my help for any other real estate-related matters, I would be delighted to serve you again.



07/30/2011 - vivimac
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $200K in Rocklin, CA.

Unfortunately I had to short sale my home. I was feeling a little lost and scared. Not knowing where to start, I asked a friend (who had just completed the process) and she recommended Elizabeth Weintraub. All I can say is "THANK GOD" for Elizabeth. She listed the home in april and it sold in July! She knew exactly how to price the home. She is very knowlegeable about real estate and the new laws regarding real estate. I remember waking up one morning around 6am and thinking "I need to send off a quick note to Elizabeth". Funny thing... She responded to me within minutes!!! I thought "WOW" maybe it was a freak thing... NOPE! Elizabeth responded to me almost immediately after every e-mail or phone call. She REALLY KNOWS her stuff and I am so greatful to her for making my short sale experience a very smooth, uneventful and pleasurable experience! To add to all of this she is Pleasant and a Breath of Fresh Air!! Thank You Elizabeth!! YOU ROCK!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!

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Response from Elizabeth on 08/01/2011

I am totally humbled by this, Vivian. Thank you for taking the time to write about your short sale -- I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart.



06/08/2011 - East Sac Girl
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $525K in Sacramento, CA.

Elizabeth Weintraub handled my short sale in an exemplary manner. I had the unique circumstance of having two very difficult lenders - a first with Bank of America and a second with E-Trade Bank. She is an expert at short sales with Bank of America, and it showed. Her knowledge and expertise, however, also allowed her to provide excellent guidance during negotiations with E-Trade Bank. She was professional, always available (even at times when I was just worried and wanted to check in) and a complete expert. I really felt as if I was in the best of hands. I would recommend Elizabeth for any real estate transaction you have - and would direct you to her for her short sale expertise specifically. Thank you Elizabeth for all your hard work.

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Response from Elizabeth on 06/09/2011

Thank you for the kind review, Deb. It is especially gratifying when I feel like I "click" with a client and we're on the same wave length. I feel that with you. I guess you know I would have done anything I could to help you through this process; I'm grateful to have been part of helping you to move on with your life.



06/06/2011 - MSJEDMD
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $325K in Johnson Ranch, Roseville, CA.

Elizabeth was truly the best part of the whole experience of the long process in selling our home in Roseville. There were many ups and downs, but she was the one steady and guiding entity of the whole experience. You rarely run across someone in their job field who knows their job inside and out and is an expert. Elizabeth is an expert in her field and extremely tenacious. She is also has integrity. These two qualities are what any potential buyer/seller needs on their side when navigating the whirlwind that purchasing or selling real estate can be. I would recommend her to anyone and she will be the first person I call in the future if I need to buy or sell real estate.

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Response from Elizabeth on 06/07/2011

I loved working with you, Dale. You were a sheer delight, always responding promptly to my requests -- it's a two-way road in real estate between agent and client. Thank you for your kind review.



06/01/2011 - Design Dude
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $325K in Johnson Ranch, Roseville, CA.

Elizabeth has been a godsend to work with. My partner and I had a home in east Roseville, Elizabeth assisted us with what would become a length battle of unexpected challenges. Elizabeth was absolutely phenomenal to work with and we are eternally grateful! No matter what came up she went ahead, full steam and never let anything distract her from her goal. We are so happy with the result, we love the people who purchased our home and highly recommend Elizabeth Weintraub as a Realtor. She is one of those rare people that knows her craft and is at the top of her game.

On a personal note to Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you. We had an amazing experience and your dedication kept us sane. Please know, should any real estate opportunity present itself to us you will be the first person we will call. We are also recommending you to every last one of our friends and family. Bless you.

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Response from Elizabeth on 06/02/2011

I know this was a long road for all of us to travel, but one thing I never do is give up. I stay focused on that light at the end of the tunnel. I truly feel honored to have worked on this with you both, and hope you guys will continue to stay in touch with me. You know I will. Thank you for your kind review.



03/19/2011 - Denicia24
Sold a Condo home in 2011 for approximately $100K in Carmichael, CA.

I listed my home as a short sale in 2010. Anyone who is going through a short sale knows how stressful it is, but Elizabeth was the best part of this whole process. Through every step of the way she was there, by my side, really fighting for me. Always calm, always collected, she reassured me many a time that things would work out and be ok-and as she said, they always were! She is the most responsive business person I've ever worked with, in any industry, always answering the phone when I call (never did I get a voice-mail) and returning my emails within minutes. I used a law office to help fascilitate my short sale and she was in constant communication with me and my law office, working together for the good of the whole, no ego's here. But most importantly she's knowledgeable, hard working, efficient, and truly caring of her clients. Short sales are difficult in many ways, and she heard me cry quite a few times on the phone during the process! But she always listened, assured me it would work out, and then followed those words up with proof. I'm looking forward to purchasing my next house so I can work with her again! Thanks Elizabeth!

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Response from Elizabeth on 03/21/2011

Thank you, Denise, for your thoughtful and sweet review. It's working with clients like you that makes my job so rewarding. I absolutely will help you to buy a new home as well.