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Point me in the right direction on renting out my condo


Hi Josh,Go to this page:'s a listing of all the realtors in your general vicinity.  Someone there should be able to assist you in renting your property.  Here in Massachusetts, there's a broker's fee of one month's rent.  Some owners make the tenants pay the full fee so you would not have to pay anything.  Further, the agent would do the background check and write up the lease.  Nice to not have to worry about that... If I were an owner renting out the place, I would elect to split the fee with the tenant.  You guys are both getting a service and to me, it's more of a fair way to begin a relationship with someone that's going to be living in your property.  But the choice is up to you.  I'm also speaking from an agent around Boston where the rental market is very competitive.  Perhaps in WA, the norm is for the owner to pay the full fee, I really don't know, you'll have to check with someone local...  I hope that answers your question.  Good luck w/ renting your condo!Eric