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Erik Armstrong wrote:

Realtor Etiquette / FSBO

As an agent I can say that it would be frustrating to loose a buyer to a FSBO, but on the other hand I do what I do because I love what I do; not for the paychecks. I always tell my buyers up front if they see something they are interested in to contact me first, especially in the case of a FSBO. Some FSBO's know what they are doing and can really be easy to work with, but others may not. With a REALTOR involved your more likley to have a smooth transaction than without. I agree with the comment from JimSulli. A referal from a satisfied client/customer would be an even greater gift than any paycheck. It just means more that they trust you enough to refer a friend to your services. Getting invited to a bbq would be great too...a full belly goes a long way. Erik ArmstrongCentury 21, REALTOR  
April 15 2008