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What CRM do you find the most helpful?

I am looking for a CRM to be able to track the loans I have working, real estate agents I'm working with, and which borrowers they referred me; so I can track who my top referring agents are etc.  Also, I would like to be able to have pop-up for birthdays and call backs.What would be the best CRM to use?  I have been testing many and none seem to be as effective as I would like.



Carrington mortgage services will allow you to go down to a 580 score on FHA.  Best of luck.

Rate Lock and Change


Unfortunately with most lenders once its locked it would stay that way.  There are some lenders that would have float down policy but it is not very common any more. That is where once your locked you are able to get a lower rate if they go down for a little extra cost.  Check with your loan officer and see what they can do.  They would be your best resource for this question.

sister and i looking to both buy homes at the same time in different cities, florida


For the military sister a VA loan is going to be better than the FHA due to the fact that she will not have to have mortgage insurance and she can do 100% financing.  As far as the other sister if it is a renovation the 203K FHA loan will be best for her. Hope this helps.  I am a lender in Tampa and can assist over the phone to help with more clarification.

Can I buy a home using my VA loan with a poor credit score?


Your best bet would be to have a lender look at what your score is now and give you advice on what to pay down.   Most lenders will allow down to a 580 credit score VA.  I would check with someone first before dumping all your cash to pay everything off.

my credit score is 816. how can i get a better rate and get preapproved?


I am a national lender located in Tampa, FL.  Brian and Omar are right there are many other factors than just your credit score.  Your credit score is in the highest category there is, so that is definitely a great start to your application.  Contact me for more details to help you get pre-approved.