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Desperately needing advise...

Answer is just  one of many  links.  If this doesn't help it is best if you ask your local police for their website, for neighborhood crime rating. Good luck  to you!

how much does a pool increase a propertys value?


Pools  don't always add value. This is a personal choice,  But do keep this in mind when purchasing a house make  sure  there is enough land to add a pool for future sale of the home. The next buyer may  want to add a pool. 

is it better to rent or buy when first getting a home?


In my opinion  it is always better  to rent for 6 months to a year when moving into a new area.Once  you have established yourself  and your family  in the community you will have a better idea  of what part of town your permanent location should be.If  all your interest are on the north side of town why would you want live on the south side of town?

how do you buy a house that is in forclosure, bank owned and need repairs


Best  advise is to  contact an experience agentWhen  it comes to Foreclosers REO (bank owned) and need repair properties  It is " Buyer beware"Once  you decide on an agent  make your best offer, make sure  you have a inspection clause in your contract. Most of these properties are purchased  " AS IS"  then be patient  wait  to see if the offer is accepted. Once offer is accepted get your inspections done within the stated time frame.I always tell my buyer to begin the inspection process  with  the most expensive repairs no need  to pay for any further inspections if the roof is falling in unless you are a roofer or ok with that?