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Should I buy a home now?


I suggest you find a good realtor in your area to walk you through all of this and brainstorm with you.  He/she will have a definite opinion about whether you should wait or try your best to get into the market now - it REALLY depends on specifics of the market forces in your area - and good agent will be honest with you.  He/she will also have a recommendation for a experienced and ethical mortgage professional to help answer your financing questions.  It sounds like you are pretty smart and understand the complexity involved...  I'd be happy to refer you to someone if you need a referral. 

Realtor Review


No, actually they do post bad reviews, but they do have a team that verifies the authenticity of the author and screens for bad language, etc.  THey want reviews to be descriptive and informative, whether bad or good.  One can't simply say "she was a great agent" or "he was really bad" - both of those will get rejected.  I would try again, make sure you provide correct information about the home you bought or sold with that agent, and use repectful language and detailed descriptions. Good luck.  I think it is important for people to share their experiences, bad and good.