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What to do if....?

Hi,I would like to ask a question about selling a lot in Missouri- Lakes of the Ozarks. To explain more about it, I had this property for sale a few years ago and I didn't get any offers, so I withdrew the listing. Now I can't find an agent or Realtor who would want to talk about it. I live in European Union now and my communication channels are limited however I would like to sell this property. The only answer I'm getting from agents is " we can't help you"I would appreciate any ideas.Sincerely,Eva Erdmann 

my property at 3614 westchester Dr. in Holiday,Fl.


I'm questioning the sale of property at 3614 Westchester Dr. in Holiday Florida in June of 2005 !I went to Europe to deal with the family issue and someone just plain robbed me !Is anyone there from local real estate agents,who is honest enough and professional enough to check into this for me and discuss the issue openly here on Zillow ?Waiting for answers ! 

3 Important Things to Know Now About the Real Estate Market


Mike,The 90's where great and everything was fantastic as you said.You don't even know what I had in mind but you are jumping the gun.I'm one of this people who is defending USA and American free enterprise.I am American.What I had in mind making a statement about the place where we would rather not be was a civil war.