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Written about Loretta Cappiello on 02/18/2011
Showed home in 2011 in Town of Plattsburgh, NY.

My soon-to-be husband and I have been working with Loretta for about 5 weeks to find our first home together. What I like most about Loretta is that even though I currently live in NW Arkansas, and know nothing about the Plattsburgh and surrounding area, Loretta always is available to give me information about the city, surrounding area, upcoming businesses, and what's available in the area for entertainment, restaurants, etc. She has sent me many MLS listings and includes info about the house of highlights that match our style and needs. She is extremely conscious of what type of home we are looking for and asked both me and my fiance several questions to be able to get a great idea of a home that would appeal to both of us. This saves us and the sellers a lot of time because sometimes homes can look great on the website in photos, but Loretta can explain to me why that particular home may not be a good fit for us. For example, if the home is on a street that is too busy for pets, or it isn't the part of town that we would want to live in. Loretta has told me about some of those homes, but tells me the street is too busy for pet safety, which is my #1 requirement, or that the home may be further of a commute than we want to make. She is always willing to show us the homes, but now after seeing the homes I have complete confidence that I no longer have to search myself because Loretta has our wants and desires down to a tee; and since she sees many homes, she knows beforehand if it is one that we may like or not. I really love that about her, because I just don't have much time to spend house hunting and need to narrow down the homes we see to just only the homes that meet our top criteria. Homes in NW Arkansas are quite a bit different than Plattsburgh and surrounding area homes. Me searching through has been a big disappointment because the homes seem less than adequate even when priced at $180k-$250k, and if priced at $250k-$300k, the homes still seem extremely expensive and lacking in amenities. Loretta's patience with helping us (me) feel satisfied that a home will come along with everything we're looking for is truly a comfort, especially since I am located in a different state. I highly recommend Loretta Cappiello for anyone who is a long-distance home-buyer. She'll make you feel welcomed to the Plattsburgh area, and is such a genuinely friendly and happy person to be working with. Sincerely, Linda from NW Arkansas, 1/18/11

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