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Best source for foreclosure listings?


It may be a hassle, but going to the lender's site directly will yield some possibilities. For instance, Wells Fargo's foreclosures website is .. If you find anything there and have questions, be sure to contact me. take care,Jim Behrmann

Has any LO here actually CLOSED a 203(k) rehab loan?


Hey Andrew! I experienced the 203k training this afternoon. There is a lot of paperwork involved! But, like anything, you get used to it and become more efficient. You do have to make sure that the borrower, the builder, the appraiser, and etc fill out the documents completely or you will get it sent right back to you. I don't think it's a bad program, but I probably won't be doing a ton of them. By the way, our pricing is capped at 103.Jim Behrmann

I need help to buy house in Chicago( Lincolnwood)


Do you really like the house or the deal you think your getting? Is the home worth $359,000? Do you make enough monthly income that would make your housing costs about 25% or less of your income? You don't have to answer me..just think about it. Sounds like a great deal though!Jim

HGTV Hall of Shame Comment


These conversations remind me of the 'Extreme Home Makeover' show...which I'm am suckered into watching each week. However, I can't appreciated the over indulgent square footage, flat screens in every room, blah blah, etc. Plus, I'm a little (a lot) jealous! ha ha  

Finding Properties


My Credit Union, for instance, has a list of the properties on their website that they are foreclosing on. I'm not sure if this is common, but it's a great idea!