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09/27/2013 - Soto2000
Property manage a home in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, NV 89178.

This has to be one of the many bad property managers and/or property management companies in Las Vegas for 2013. The problems first started off when he was first hired. Whenever I asked him to do something, either he wasn't really listening nor interested in what I was asking him to do, i.e. I asked him to test the mailbox key copy but failed to do so until the tenants moved in and the key wasn't working. This forced me to overnight a mailbox key at my expense, needlessly.

Another thing, he did not have the home cleaned prior to the new tenants moving in, even after I had instructed him to do so. Needless to say we were mortified. He didn't apologize.

Then he was late in distributing my portion of the rent income. I could not even get in touch with him to ask him what was going on. After about a week I finally heard from this guy. No apologies. He said that he was on vacation, but that he mailed the check before leaving, which I never got. I had him send it to me via direct deposit, which all this time, he had the capabilities to do so but never told me about this!

I also told him I had home warranty, and later he was surprised that I had it, as if I never told him! Again, he was not really listening to me. Sounded like he didn't care and couldn't be bothered.

Now, after the tenants moved out, he failed to tell me that I needed to transfer over services back under my name, even though the contract stipulated that he was authorized to do so. Even if he had no authority, he should have told me. Because of this, my lawn starting showing signs of damage in only 2 weeks of summer heat since it was not being watered. Now he demands to be paid the early termination fee.

Needless to say, bad property managers need to force their property owners to pay them. In this case, stay away from this guy and the company that he is affiliated with! You are going to basically give this guy money and get very little in return.

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Response from Find Homes for Rent on 10/01/2013

I am surprised with your comments regarding events that happened from 17 months ago. Since then you had extended your contract and even signed a new listing agreement. I looked at your account and the only time you received you payment after the 8th was the first month. I told you, "We made an error and your check slipped through the crack" I over-nighted your check to you once it was brought to our attention that we made a mistake. You hired me to manage, protect your property, collect rent on time and look out for all unforeseen circumstances that could arise. I did all of this, plus more, to protect you and your family. We did our job and I am sorry if you feel we did not protect your investment. By the way, the tenants told me I made their rental experience very enjoyable for them and they would rent from us again. Here is a quote from the tenant, "Sean has been very responsive and quite helpful" I would address all of your concerns but Zillow only allows meto type1000character



07/17/2011 - 19MJKJ51
Sold a home in 2010 in River Mountain, Henderson, NV 89002.

Sean Evenden, has helped us buy and sell both investment properties and our main residence. He also was able to help us find and screen renters for our properties.

Sean went out of his way to help complete our short sale. Over the course of 18 months he put in a lot of extra time and effort. Each time we lost a buyer (because of the morgage holder delays) Sean was able to find another buyer which finally paid off. Sean was always on top of things saving us a lot of headaches. We could not have done it without him

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06/07/2011 - papahaack
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $200K in Las Vegas, NV.

This was a very smooth transaction because Sean kept me informed all the time. Very knowledgeable and always answered my questions! Thanks.

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