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Firefly Properties, LLC. We rebuild a complete "turn key" home in your favorite neighborhood.

Q: How do you get a "like new" home in an established neighborhood with out all the hassle?

Q I know a great investment when I see it but I don't have all the people and know how to fix it up. What can I do?

Q I found a really cheap house that was in foreclosure but it was so awful I couldn't possibly live there. Is there anything you could do with this? I love the location and the lot.

At Firefly Propertieswesolve these problems daily for our clients. Ugly doesn't bother us. Bad design, bad value and inefficient work, does. Here is what we do: We will find and purchase a home at a substantial discount to market. We then completely gut, redesign and build that property as if it were new. We then sell that property at a discount to market providing our clients with instant equity in a home that needs no maintenance.

In addition we can helpfind a specific property for our clients or rebuild a house that clients may purchase for themselves.


Here is the way that may work. Client purchases a property or we purchase a property for a client. Before the client moves in, we completely renovate that property specific to our clients needs. Then client moves in or rents that property.Take the typical alternative. Client finds a fixer upper and attempts to build that home while living in it. After many weekends a lot of dust, poor choice of material or buying power, the end result is often times a stressful hodgepodge of work that did not achieve the desired result and consumed all available capital.

Use us instead. Go ahead buy a fixer upper. The net result is that we are very efficient in design, demolition and rebuild. When you take possession you get to enjoy a clean home from the start, just as if you had it built yourself. Through our efficiencies, design, choice of material etc. our intention is to provide increased market value greater than our cost. When we accomplish this, you get us for free. So why go through the hassle.

Firefly Property, LLC: We are flexible enough to understand how to get you the house you want in that perfectly established neighborhood. Visit one of our finished properties and see the difference.

Best regards and thank you for looking.


John Mathues, President

Firefly Properties, LLC


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