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John Igoe


Vice President / Owner (20 years experience)

Purchase Loan,

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John Igoe is a professional who knows his business and can get things done.


02/24/2010 - rguymoyer
Closed refinance loan. Boston Harbor, WA 98506

John Igoe is a professional who knows his business and can get things done.

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03/01/2010 - robthuy
Closed purchase loan. Shirley, Cypress, CA 90630

During my research of identifying a reliable lender to manage the lending process required to purchase a single family residence home, I visited a couple of local lenders in Orange County, CA including Wells Fargo bank. The process of receiving Good Faith Estimates(GFE) from the lenders was straightforward and informative; however, I remained not entirely convinced that the fixed 15 and 30 year mortgage rates quoted in the GFEs were competitive (low) enough to reflect the current, difficult economical climate. I utilized the internet resource which I had used to gather information on prospective homes. I found several prospective lenders on and submitted the relevant information required for the lenders to construct GFEs. John D. Igoe, Executive Vice President of First Ohio Home Finance, Inc., responded with a GFE for a 15 year fixed rate mortgage home loan within a couple of hours after I had submitted my request for a GFE. Other lenders were quite persistent that I first call their offices before proceeding with the process of constructing GFEs. Mr. Igoe of First Ohio Home Finance, Inc. did not apply any sales-type pressure which I appreciated greatly. Mr. Igoe’s 15 year fixed rate mortgage home loan GFE including a lower interest rate than Wells Fargo Bank and his lender-related charges were much more competitive than other GFEs that I had solicited from other lenders. The following day, I requested a GFE for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage home loan and Mr. Igoe promptly provided the GFE. I had initial concerns about selecting an out-of-state lender; particularly, I was worried that the time zone difference could present unforeseen obstacles that would hinder the escrow process from being completed in a timely fashion. However, Mr. Igoe gave assurances that addressed my reluctant reservations; Mr. Igoe informed me that he had worked with clients in California with positive results. My wife had a several questions about the GFEs that Mr. Igoe had provided and he answered them with considerable professionalism. My wife and I decided to entrust Mr. Igoe to handle the loan aspect of our home purchase and we have been completely impressed at the ease and transition of coordinating with Mr. Igoe. Over the weekend, Mr. Igoe processed our loan application and had scheduled an appraisal appointment of the home by the start of the week. I felt any concerns about selecting an out-of-state lender were completely eliminated by Mr. Igoe’s commitment to his loan applicants. The escrow process included several significant challenges from the seller; however, Mr. Igoe persisted through by offering any accommodations that could progress the escrow process. Even as my wife and I became more disillusioned at the prospect of not being able to purchase the home, Mr. Igoe remained positive and encouraging. Mr. Igoe responded to our email/phone messages promptly, often times late in his evenings. Mr. Igoe is definitely one of the primary reasons my wife and I were able to reach this state of a home purchase. I definitely recommend Mr. Igoe to anyone I encounter who is searching for a lender to facilitate the often difficult experience of purchasing a home. I consider my wife and myself extremely fortunate to have practically stumbled onto Mr. Igoe of First Ohio Home Finance, Inc. through the vast listing of lenders found on Thank you, John, for all your help and advice.

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11/22/2009 - dan_howard
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Downtown, San Jose, CA 95112

This lender had the best value (rate vs. fees) of the all the lenders so I'd definitely look for him again. In my case, the old loan that I was refinancing was still better than any new loan that I could get.

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