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Do I need a Buyer's Agent to buy a house?


All I know is Texas Law.  In Texas you have to have representation buying a foreclosure.  Either a licensed real estate agent, or a licensed attorney.  Most attorneys don't specialize in real estate so I would think you would want to use a professional in the field you are dealing with.  Buying a For sale by owner you can represent yourself.  You are working under Buyer Beware circumstances.  Do you really think you can save money, not using a real estate agent?

I have $40,000 cash to bid. My question is what price houses should I be bidding on?


Depends on what type of property you are offering on.  HUD has a percentage of what they will take below the current asking price.  VA likes to wait 10 days and get multiple offers, but ususally they won't accept offers under 90% of the asking price.  Banks are not accepting much below asking, because they don't have to.  Part of the bail out program was to give banks funds that now allows them to hold their current assets longer.  Hope this helps! Jay

I've yet to experience a Realtor who justifies their fee, how do you find one that will really WORK?


I totally understand your dilemma!  Just as every field in America there are good professional and bad professional in all areas in our society.  Most realtors think their website tells you all you need to know.  The personal touch has left the room.  I am sorry you have had bad experiences.  I don't haul clients around looking at 50 homes, but I do email properties for my clients review.  Any home they are interested in I do extended research to find out more about the property.  Questions to ask:  How do they determine the value of the home to sell or buy.  There is a button you can push in most realtor MLS sites, and it will do it for you.  Or, they can accually look at properties on the computer, location, condition, average sales price per sq. ft., average number of days on the market to sell.  I have 33 years experience, the first 23 years were spent making money as an investor.  So, I learned all facets of the real estate transaction.  You might ask what experience they have in real estate, and what type of transactions have they been involved with.  Hope you have a blessed day.  Jay Hasbrouck  JC-RealEstate