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Fred Millard wrote:

to make an offer do i need a realtor

The answer is no you do not have to have a Realtor to purchase a home, but it really is a good idea to have a professional looking out for your best interests.  Realtors are trained professionals that can help you through the process and save you money.  How many homes does one person buy in a lifetime?  How many homes sales does a Realtor deal with in just one year?  Are you aware that using a Buyer's Agent does not normally cost you anything because the Selling Agent will share the commission with the Agent that brings their Seller a ready, willing and able Buyer?  A Realtor can even help you buy that FSBO you saw.  This is wonderful because you can take advantage of the knowledge a Realtor brings to the table to help you find what you want and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible! 
March 25 2011