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12/31/2014 - alicia lenae
Helped me rent a home.

I rarely write reviews, but in reading another client's similar experience, I had to speak up. I rented a property through Gardner Realtors and kept up my lease terms. The realtor who managed my property was extremely nice in the beginning, but within a few weeks when our (VERY dangerous) back door would not open, close, or even unlock, he showed up himself with one screwdriver (which he used as a hammer) and ended up not being able to fix the problem. He was rude, gruff and acted as if it wasn't a problem that I should have complained about (because who needs to be able to use a door anyway? If a fire were to happen in the front of the house running through the flames to safety didn't sound appealing to me.)

A broken window took five or so months to fix. I had to send a certified letter detailing that I would be finding someone myself to fix the problem and would forward the bill. Finally a response. When a toilet was beyond repair, no calls were answered and I was forced to find a emergency repair person myself. Two or three days later when I received a response, I was asked why I didn't contact the realtor because they could have sent someone who would have repaired it for less. They repaid less than half of the bill. I was told that the land owner was "old and sick," I'm not sure what that meant or what it had to do with me (I do sympathize, but it was a statement that was odd and a little bit fishy if we are being honest.) Again, he was rude, glib, and beyond the point of being respectful.

I realize that repairs and costs are the actual property owners responsibility and that the realtor was just a go-between, however, his level of customer service was extremely low for someone who worked with humans on a daily basis. As stated before, I paid my rent on time every month and was a quiet tenant. I could never get a response about repairs, however he was very adamant about making calls trying to get me to buy a house and how easily he could get me a loan. I felt like a second class citizen to him who would only be important if I bought a house. Sure, that is where realtors make their money, and I'm sure dealing with lowly renters is a "pain".

The house itself was beautiful and it was shameful that it had not been preserved by the land owner, but we were happy there nonetheless. The realtors absolute sheer disrespect and disregard for us as tenants drove us out of the property and I would REALLY have to be swayed to work with someone from this company in the future, especially in terms of something so intricate as buying a home.

This is our experience from one realtor, and it may not represent the entire company... I really would hope not.
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11/19/2014 - meshele310
Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2014 in Behrman, New Orleans, LA.
Primary point of contact: Chris Sherman

It saddens me to write this review when 2 years ago I gave a glowing review but I believe in letting the truth speak for itself. If you're serious about renting or selling, FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Christopher Sherman went from being a heaven sent, hardworking, dedicated, and truly agent to a lazy, disrespectful, uncaring, and unprofessional agent. My phone calls and text messages went unanswered most of the time. After my listings were up for 6 weeks, i STILL did not have pictures posted for my rental listing and the sale listing only had pictures of two of the 8 areas of my house. I showed the house to perspective renters all except twice because he wasn't showing up for appointments or was extremely late. He acted in the position more so of a secretary answering calls to make appointments instead of actually working to find a tenant or buyer. I am truly angered and let down by someone who when he helped me buy this home was an exceptional agent. But I guess time changes people. Beware! Find someone else!  More Less 

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