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Gary Blattberg wrote:

I sold 2 big rock manchester ma as a buyer's agent. How do I claim this sale as a buyer agent??
I sold  2 big rock rd, manchester, ma as a buyer's agent.  How do I claim this sale as a buyer agent?Gary BlattbergREMAX Advantage[Removed by Zillow Moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy.]
April 07
I am a real estate broker..I need to eliminate a property that sold
 I am a real estate broker with REMAX. I had a listing on Zillow 2 years ago that sold. The address is 21 Hemenway Road, Salem, MA 01970. The current owner asked me if there was a way to remove the photos from this property that appear on Zillow. I have tried to but I cannot find the property on zillow.Thank you,Gary BlattbergRE/MAX AdvantageBeverly MA
January 23 2013

Why should I waste money on rent?

Given both options..renting vs buying. My feeling is that buying in the long run will always pay off. Prices are down and interest rates are reaosnable at present. Gary BlattbergRE/MAX
November 20 2008
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