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- Likely to recommend
03/14/2014 - TeresaEdwards Ash
Other service.
We would use them again if need to, they are really great people to work with and they helped us to buy a house. I would recommend them to every one!!!!! THANK U FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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03/05/2014 - user2687624
Other service. Wyoming, MI
My credit had fallen apart, mostly due to a divorce and loss of my job. I spent years trying to rebuild my credit and seemed to be hitting a wall. For two years I seemed to have the same credit score, which was just below what I needed to buy a home. I was leery about hiring a credit repair company after all of the stories I had heard. As I felt like I was getting closer to reaching my goal, I started going to open houses and talking to the local real estate agents. Out of the six that I spoke with over the course of a year, four had mentioned Garranteed Solutions as a possible avenue to good credit. I finally went and have not regretted it since! I worked with Jason and Madelene who helped me get my credit back on track in two months. They identified errors and solutions on my first visit, got my plan all set, and and went straight to work. Waiting the first month to pull my credit was not hard, since I was skeptical and didn't think it would help, but I saw an immediate increase in my score! After two months, I was closing on my home. I came to Garranteed with a score around 580 and closed on my house with a score of 670. It has now been three months since I closed, and I just checked my score. My credit is still climbing, which has convinced me that the experts at Garranteed didn't just put a band aid over the problem. They are amazing! I recommend them to everyone!
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- Highly likely to recommend
10/13/2013 - smityd85
Other service. Hudsonville, MI
Very friendly, treat you like family! Garenteed solutions brought my credit score from a 500 to. 650 in very little time! Very happy with their performance, would deffenttily recommend everybody to go through them!
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/21/2013 - user8545130
Other service. Norteast Citizens Action, Grand Rapids, MI
The program that I enrolled in with Garr worked awesome to increase my credit score and get me closer to purchasing a home! I highly recommend his business if you need any kind of credit repair...the communication and the steps they took made my job easy on my end, well worth the cost!!!
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/08/2013 - user0387042
Other service. Millbrook, Grand Rapids, MI
Now we can get the house of our dreams thanks to the Garr Team. I am please to say Garranteed solutions is a very organize, good customer skills and professional !my wife and i are happy with the results of my score improvment is just great! thank you garranteed solutions' Now we can get the house of our dreams.
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- Highly likely to recommend
06/13/2013 - user5341275
Other service. Paw Paw, MI
The Garranteed Solutions team went above and beyond my expectations. The results I received were even better. I was in the market to purchase my first home, but my credit scores and history were holding me back. No lender would even look at me until I was more credit worthy. Garranteed Solutions provided fast and very friendly service for my needs. Within three months I could say I was able to purchase the home of my dreams. I have used another credit repair company before using Garranteed Solutions. The price and the results were not even close to what Garr and his team provides and delivers. Anyone looking to purchase a home would be foolish not to use this amazing service!
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