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Whats your take on this


Alright, speaking to a realtor and even touring a house with or without the realtor there gives you absolutely no obligation in any way to any realtor. For anything to be held against you in any way there has to be an agency agreement understood and signed. Your completely fine. If you have no interest in going with the realtor that wants to be "dual" you dont have to and it is his feduciary duty to give the seller any offers on the house. It is not in the code of ethics to discard an offer because the realtor doesnt like you. As far as the CMA goes, this also isnt obligating you to any one person either. To have a legal stance on who represents who,  you must have an agency agrrement signed. Since you have signed nothing it sounds like your free and in the clear to do what you want. Choose wisely :)Hope that helps!

I just need somewhere to live, really


I would say thats not a bad idea to move into a condo. The market is expected to go up over the next 4 years. The market is looking to favor the sellersHope this helps!

Buy house, buy condo, or rent?


Buying anything at all is going to sky rocket your net worth and investing in homes has never been the wrong descision. Remember even when the market is down, you dont lose until you sell.Hope this helps!

houses sold 2012


Contact a local Realtor and have them send you a copy. Hope this helps!

If my house hasn't sold after 60 days can my listing be renewed?


Yes you can! However, have a local real estate professional get you a more accurate CMA on the property. Houses dont sell for any of these 3 reasons:1: Price is too high2: Something is wrong with the property or doesnt show well3: Lack of advertisement.Hope this helps!

How much will home prices rise within the next three years?


Nationaly, were looking to rise about 10% in the next 4 years with prices bottoming out this winter. Either way I would look to a local real estate proffessional in the area for market statistics. Hope this helps!