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Does a new home buyer need a large down payment?


If you are a veteran you can get a VA loan with zero percent down. Also If you live in Ma you could do a MA housing loan for 3percent down. Call a local bank or mortgage broker and see what is available.

how do I find my home market value


If you just want to know for your own sake then a good local agent can do a market analysis for you. Most including myself do not charge for this service. If you need to know for a divorce, estate ect hire an appraiser. call or email me and i will give you a couple of great ones to contact. [Phone removed by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbnor Policy.]

will this site estimate the value of my home?


Contact a local agent who is experienced in your town. They can give you a much better idea of value. I would be happy to help you , for free of course. 978-998-9600

Should I cut and run?


If you enjoy living in the home and can afford the payments I would stay put markets always go up and down. If you can not afford the home I would contact a local agent about a possible short sale.