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Should I sell my condo before the building becomes all renter occupied?


You did not mention how many units are in the building but in general when you fall below 90 percent owner occupancy the units will not qualify for some government loan programs . This means less options for buyers especially at the lower end of the market. I would check with the HOA and if the trend is towards more units becoming rentals i would consider selling.

how much is our home worth right now?


Please do not go by a zestimate or tax assessment ! Contact a local agent and ask for a CMA or if it is needed for a court proceeding contact an appraiser.

Reg Short Sale Properties


You have just ben getting unlucky with your offers or your agent is not giving you enough information. For example are their multiple offers already on the home and you go in under asking .In some towns on the North Shore we are starting to see bidding wars again. Just be carefull not to get caught up in bidding war and pay more than you should.  The fact that you bought a home as a short sale will not effect resale when you go to sell. Short sales can be bought at a discount in some markets but can take a long time and the deal could die at any point so i would keep looking for homes until you get an approval letter from the lender.

Comparison shop for VA loans??


You should always call a few places to compare rates. Also you want to make sure the person you are using for a mortgage is familiar with VA loans. USAA is great place to start.