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Trouble listing my property


Yeah it can get very frustrating dealing with technology. Listing with an agent can take away the stress. plus its only the beginning of the marketing of the property and not to mention all the legal questions you will come across in the process. 

how can i sale my house


You should interview at least two agents in the area and get a feel of who you feel the most comfortable with and who you feel you could work with.  lots of agents on Zillow have reviews that you can read. you could also talk with your lender and see if they have any recommendations. 

Will opening of new Family Park increase my home value ?


Building a park near your property would not increase the value of your property. As most have indicated this might be an amenity that would be a final decision as to if a person would purchase your property or not, especially if the potential buyer would have children.

Granite vs Quartz countertops in kitchen remodel?


Quartz Is Lower MaintenanceNo more  sealing your countertop if your choose quartz vs granite countertops.Quartz is less porous than granite so food particles and fluids have a harder time getting trapped in quartz that granite countertops. Trapped food harbors bacteria and I know that neither you or I want bacteria or viruses growing in between the invisible cracks in our countertops.