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Is it a good investment to use my whole retirement to buy a rental property?


HI,Rental property is probably the best buy that it has been in many years.  There are a number things to consider before buying rental property.  1. How large of a home can you buy with the money.2. How strong is the rental market in your area?3. What will your total cost be on the home?  Taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.3. What can you rent the home for?4. Will you manage the property yourself or hire someone to do it for you.5. Do you have someone to do the periodic maintenance or  will you need to hire some one?6. What is the estimated vacancy rate in your area?7. What is your estimated pre-tax profits on such a venture?I have a spreadsheet that will guide you through the investment analysis process.  If you give me a call I can discuss it with you and then send you a copy.Sincerely,Mel Gilson707-330-8930