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Buying a first home and I need advise on which mortgage broker to go to in Redding ca


Having been in the Real Estate business in Redding for several years and worked with most the lenders, you have a number of good options.  Personally, if my buyer clients need a referral to a Mortgage Consultant, I send them to Neal Kinder at Omega Mortgage.  The feedback I get from my clients and other Realtors in the area, all give Neal stellar reviews.  Neal can be reached at his office (530) 223-1400, cell (530) 209-3865 or email  Good luck!

How do i get the value of both dwellings @ 13865 walter ave redding ca?


The best way to get an opinion of the current market value of your property, which would include all dwellings and other structures on the property, is to either pay for an appraisal or request a comparable market analysis (CMA) be completed by a local Realtor. If you want the value because you are considering listing your home for sale, the Realtor you choose to list the home will provide this service free of charge.

My property details were incorrect. How do I get a correct home value?


Hi Ron & Misty:Zillow's z-estimates are sometimes inaccurate due to the method Zillow uses to gather information on recent homes sales.  Most likely, there have been recent sales in your area of inferior homes that have sold in the mid $300k range.  I was at a Real Estate seminar in Las Vegas last year where a rep. from Zillow spoke and took a great deal of heat for these known issues/inaccuracies.   Having said that, you shouldn't get too concerned about Zillow's estimate, as it does not come into play when purchasing/selling a home.  If you go to sell your home, your local Realtor will be able to establish an accurate "market value" based on comparable sales in your area at the time.  Likewise, a prospective buyer will most likely need a loan and their lender will require an appraisal which will establish a value also based on recent comparable sales.  "Comparable" meaning your location, size, quality and amenities, including all your upgrades, will be taken into consideration.  The bottom line...the z-estimate does not affect  you in any way so don't let it bother you.