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04/19/2014 - johnjawed
Bought a home in 2014.

I was recently in the market for a new home on a succinct timeline (weeks). I met Grace while she was showing an open house and immediately got a good vibe from her.

Home buying is probably the single biggest financial investment for most people. I think honesty, efficiency, and experience go further than any other niceties.

Let's face it, real estate is a jungle and close to pure chaos, an experienced realtor is going to get you further along in the bidding/purchase process. At least that's my thinking.

That's why I went with Grace, she didn't pull any punches and was completely transparent. From my own home buying experience, I think transparency is key. If something isn't great, I expect to hear it's not great before putting an offer on a house. I don't want to find out years later.

If you are blissfully ignorant, Grace will reset your expectations, and I consider Grace's transparency an asset (not a liability) when dealing with real estate...actually pretty anything else in life too.

In terms of finding the home, I think the process is symbiotic ... it's going to be good as the input you feed into it. I cook *a lot*, I need a great kitchen. I prefer to be closer to work (who wants to deal with traffic?). I told Grace and this shifted the the focus. The feedback loop is your friend. Be responsive, be transparent.

Don't take chances with your realtor. You don't want to find yourself post-offer with an unexperienced realtor when every day to close counts. Your ability to enjoy your home is a key part of your life journey. I went with Grace, all positives, no regrets.

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01/10/2014 - senDos
Sold a home in 2014.

Grace Keng is more than a realtor. She works for you at all hours of the day. She truly cares about your needs and loves to please people. She is a true friend and proud that she was my realtor.

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Response from Grace on 01/13/2014

Thank you! We did it. We sold for top $$ and fast easy closing.



11/20/2013 - mweng94086
Sold a home in 2013.

Grace Keng has been our realtor since 1992; we count on her on many of our buy and sell of our homes. She helped us buy our very first home in Sunnyvale, 7 years later, she helped us sell the house, and, at the same time helped us buy our 2nd home also in Sunnyvale. Now 21 years later, we are ready to sell our Sunnyvale house, and here we are counting on Grace’s help again.

Grace was simply amazing to work with. She was very responsive, quickly answers questions and is happy to provide detailed explanations and reasoning behind her advice. Grace provided fantastic service for selling our old house and buying our new one. We especially appreciated Grace's remarkable level of knowledge about the market, and the efforts involved in preparing to show our house for sale. We feel fortunate to have met Grace, she helped us graciously at every turn, she is a true professional, who doesn't consider her clients as just a transaction it's a relationship. You can count on Grace to go the extra mile and to fight for your best interests at the negotiation table. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, we would HIGHLY recommend Grace for your real estate agent!!

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11/17/2013 - SunnyvaleResident
Helped me rent a home.

Grace is a very friendly and professional real estate agent. She is very responsive at all times and has always taken care of the few issues I had in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend her!

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11/14/2013 - keposo
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Los Altos, CA.

Grace is a Wonderful Person with extensive Real Estate Knowledge. She knows the Bay Area very well is an excellent communicator. I had a tricky situation that Grace was able to work through and have two sides come out winners. I would recommend Grace for any services related to her Real Estate Company to anyone one I know, Family and friends. I will defiantly use Grace again.

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10/17/2013 - Caroline Brown
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $725K in Raynor, Sunnyvale, CA.

David and I are thankful to have found an agent who is willing work at all hours, search through countless listings, and show us over 60 homes in our quest to find the right house for our family. Relocating from over 1000 miles away from here is an intimidating job. However having a strong real estate agent like Grace who really knows the local area makes a big difference. Thank you!

David & Lynn

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09/22/2013 - user4987019
Bought a home in 2013.

Grace Keng is an extraordinary real estate agent. We recently signed purchase contract of our dream home. Grace really helped us a lot with lots of patience and with her very good smiley face for showing us houses without time concern. Her response is very fast which helped us a lot with our communication with her. She is a very hard worker and she studied our taste and interest and helped us a lot.

We are first time buyers and we felt very comfortable working with her. We are lucky to work with Grace. I recommend grace to every one who wants to buy their dream home.

Thanks to Grace for her efforts and help.

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09/16/2013 - ForevrYoung
Sold a home in 2011.

We usually don't write any review like this but Grace did an excellent job of selling my home. We can’t thank her enough for the great job she did in marketing our home here in Mountain View.

We don't know if it was due to her incredible advertising on the web, or her staging, or her own personal charm, but there was never a shortage of potential buyers wanting to see our house. We suspect the key to her remarkable success is her wealth of experience in the real estate , but also her graciousness and the day-to-day contact to new prospects, but we have a feeling these are probably the reasons she sold our home so effortlessly.

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06/22/2013 - MsHollySmith
Showed home in 2013 in Rancho Rinconada, Cupertino, CA 95014.

I met Grace through her other extremely happy clients. We have been going through the process of potentially selling and buying a bigger house but staying within city of Cupertino because we like the small town and great Cupertino schools. Grace knows everything and everyone when it comes to Cupertino real estate. She constantly sends me listings that might work and comps in my neighborhood if and when we decide to sell. She is our realtor whether we buy/sell now or later.

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06/02/2013 - user6890747
Bought a Single Family home in 1998 for approximately $725K in Cupertino, CA.

Grace IS a great real estate agent.

Grace Keng found my Cupertino Cupertino long time ago. If I can I WILL give her more than 5 stars. There are a lot of real estate agents in Silicon Valley area . How many of you know a friend who is in real estate business? Would you want them to be your real estate agent? Is that how you would find your surgeon ? Or your attorney ? Not really! You would want the best possible real estate agent you could find, right? Ok, You and I both want the best agent to negotiate the price and terms for us. How do you find a top notch agent? I used the internet to find an agent. I called 3 real estate agents, Grace was the only one returned my call. Since then I found out she is an experience agent with passion to help home buyers and sellers. She only focused on what I wanted. She and I worked well . She has been responsive, organized, professional, and easy to work with, - in short she is exactly what I needed . I closed my Cupertino home for only 3 months of searching. She helped me saved time. If you are going to buy or sell a home in the San Jose area I would not hesitate to use Grace. Grace Keng is the best!

- Lyn Long

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