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Wendy Hughes-Jelen wrote:

Home is no longer for sale, but nothing but "Pending" is avlbl as status
I am an agent with a listing on Zillow. I need to know how to cancel the "for sale" status of the property. The seller has decided to retain the property and rent it to family.
March 30 2010

Is it customary for our real-estate agent to ask for our FICO scores?

A buyer and their agent - or a seller and their agent - are meant to be a team. Trust is paramount to teamwork. If you don't trust what your agent is telling you, you shouldn't be working with them. It's not fair to them - or you. Ask your friends or family for a referral to an agent they know or have used in the past. It will go a long way towards building trust so you have a healthy working relationship during your transaction.A note about lying - about anything: Don't. Dishonesty is the root of many many problems and in the end you will hurt yourself and a lot of other people. Best of luck to you.
June 04 2009