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09/25/2014 - olga danilchenko
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $450K in Fairfield, CA.

Darwin's work PERFECT! He is very professional, dedicated, easy to work with, very responsive and knowledgeable. We met him at an open house for the house we wanted to buy and immediately decided we would want to work with him as our agent, so he was representing both the seller and the buyer, which made it much easier and faster for all of us to communicate. Darwin is very straightforward and never gave us empty promises. We believe he worked really hard to make this deal beneficial for all. We needed to close the escrow as soon as possible because we had no place to live after selling our home, and Darwin was very realistic about the timeline. He answered all our questions patiently and professionally (most likely it comes from his years of teaching experience))) and he was available 24/7. He was working very closely with us up until we actually moved into the home. We agree that Darwin is the hardest working real estate agent, and he is also the one you can trust.

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09/15/2014 - thekoj
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $450K in Fairfield, CA.

Darwin may be the hardest working agent in all of real least among the many agents that I have come across or worked with. He is also extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, honest and competent. His deep and broad understanding of real estate markets and transactions was very impressive and very helpful during our transaction.

Darwin kept me informed throughout the process on all developments and was always willing and able to respond quickly to questions and requests. He worked tirelessly to make our transaction a success. His great personality and even temperament made him very easy to work with. He truly put the customer first, and I will be extremely happy to work with him again.

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08/21/2014 - edikavakian
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $25K in Lakewood, Sunnyvale, CA.

You will not find another agent working any harder for you than Darwin. We are pleased to have met him. He has made a difference in our lives. The home which we were interested in the sellers agent for one reason or another did not want to sell us the property even though we had a full cash offer on his table. After months Darwin managed to bully him over & force him to sell us the property against his wishes. He was simply not acting on the benefits of the sellers behalf. The result was after months of aggravation we ended up purchasing our first choice. Ever since then I've had many real estate or even rental property questions not related to the property which he helped us purchase and he has always come through for us with the proper advise and help. He has always stepped up to plate whenever asked and offered all the help which he possibly could. Thank you Darwin. Keep up the good work.

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02/07/2014 - snortypugs
Sold a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $525K in East San Jose, San Jose, CA.

Darwin is AWESOME!!! I was referred to Darwin from a co-worker. Darwin is prompt, polite and delivers! Bottom line, Darwin listed our San Jose townhome for $399,950 and it sold for $500,000. He is a sales genius and he really understands sales psychology.

Here’s a rough sequence of events.

1. On Friday Oct 4, I emailed Darwin, introduced myself and gave him a brief overview of my housing situation. 2. On Sunday Oct 6, he came over to my house to view the property and explain his sales strategy. Darwin gave us his written satisfaction guarantee and my wife and I decided to sign with him. He walked through our home and made suggestions on how to make our home “show ready”. We scheduled two weekends of open houses. 3. 2 weeks later (that’s how long it took us to get our home “show ready”) on Oct 19/20 was the first open house. We had about 150 people come view our home. 4. The next weekend Oct 26/27 was our final open house, we had an additional 130 people view our house. 5. Bids were due by midnight on 10/29. 6. We entered into a 15 day escrow on 10/31. The escrow period turned out to be a 20 day escrow due to a clerical error between the bank and title company. Darwin communicated with us the entire time and was instrumental in fixing the issue.

Darwin did an outstanding job selling our town. From the time I initially emailed Darwin to the time I had funds deposited into my account was approx 50 days. I really appreciated the communication Darwin had with us. I received daily text updates from him. He walked us through the entire sales process and went over every legal form. He took the time to explain the bid / counter bid process and key points in a bid that differentiate a strong bid from a weak bid. As an added bonus he negotiated in our contract 3 weeks of “free” rent. We closed escrow in the middle of Nov but we didn’t hand over the keys until 12/6.

Darwin is a salesman. He doesn’t believe in lock boxes. Darwin only showed our home to buyers during the scheduled open houses. That made my family’s life much easier by not having to rush out every time a realtor wanted to stop by. Darwin was present at every stage of the process. He did the walk through with the appraiser. He was present when the buyer wanted to inspect the property while we were in escrow.

I would definitely recommend Darwin Greenwell.

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02/05/2014 - JArjayR
Sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $875K in Mountain View, CA.

I had originally planned to sell my town home in Mountain View ‘by owner’... …until I discovered that the general public seems to have a hangup with such methodology. I had numerous agents from large real estate firms courting me to represent me but they weren’t bringing potential buyers to my home. In interviewing such agents, I discovered the big firms keep a cadre of lawyers, stagers, handymen, photographers, etc. on staff which is great but means they have a high overhead and thus will not dip very far below a maximum 6% commission which is legally negotiable.

Darwin Greenwell politely contacted me after he saw my ‘Make Me Move’ listing on Zillow. He did not ‘sing the same song’ as the big firms. He takes to heart that commission IS negotiable and his performance should determine the amount. Furthermore, he did not insist on the maximum. Rather, he set an aggressive sale price for the home and if he achieved it, he would receive a negotiated commission, and if he did not, he would receive a lesser negotiated amount. He also put forth a contract that allowed us to part ways 30 days into the sales process with no financial obligation if I was unsatisfied with how things were going – this was another item that set him apart. After talking with Darwin for two hours one evening and realizing I ‘connected’ with him best relative to all other agents I had interviewed, I decided to make him my agent.

Right away Darwin got to work and prepared the home for open houses tending to things like carpet and appliance replacement. Within roughly a week he was already holding open houses. His efforts paid off given we were tendered multiple offers and slightly exceeded the aggressive sales price that netted him the higher commission. Throughout the process, Darwin kept me informed of what was going on and answered any and all questions I had (and I had many since I am a stickler for details and understanding what I am signing). Our communication was excellent considering I was not in the area most of the time and he kept us synchronized at all times. There were a few issues that arose with the buyer but Darwin provided paths to closure and the appropriate nudging when necessary.

In general, my experience working with Darwin was excellent. He got the job done efficiently and cleanly and took the time to educate me when I needed to understand something. I am not bashing the big firms because they could have done the job too but I appreciate the fact that Darwin is more of an independent and not as focused on the bottom line for his company but rather on satisfying his clients.

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01/10/2014 - stanlchan
Sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Milpitas, CA.

Darwin Greenwell is the best real estate agent in the South Bay, bar none! There are not enough words to describe how good Darwin is at his job, but the end result will surely put a smile on your face. From start to finish, Darwin took charge of his client's interests and saw it through the end. Darwin helped me sell my condo in Milpitas, and from our first meeting, I knew he had all the knowledge in the world and savviness to sell it at the asking price that I was looking for. He really understands the markets, and especially the condominium property that I was selling at, as he is the major player in that space, having sold numerous condo units.

The best thing I can say about Darwin, is his complete confidence and utter lack of fear of anything. When I told him that my unit was tenant-occupied, he said "not a problem." When I told him that i had absolutely no upgrades in the unit, he said "not a problem." When I told him that I had faulty appliances in the unit, he again said "not a problem." The man is fearless, because most real estate agents would balk at all those issues. We first approached my tenant and told them about my intent to sell, and he talked them into staging a couple open houses. After that, the tenants wanted to stop the open houses, so Darwin successfully negotiated a reasonable buyout price, so the unit would become tenant-free, and thus, making it easier to sell. After installing the new carpet, Darwin went right back to work and staged open houses to meet eager sellers. His charisma and charm, and real estate knowledge allowed him to convince buyers to my unit was in perfect condition and did not need upgrades. In the day where most buyers want a fully-upgraded unit, I was at a disadvantage, but Darwin was able to convince the buyer to pay the list price and not demand any upgrades. The man is a "doer" and always has his client's interest at heart!!!

As for Darwin's reliability, he is top-notch. Any time you call him, text him, or email him, he responds very quickly, unlike other agents that I have worked with in the past. This is extremely important and building a relationship with your client, as the real estate world is fast and instantaneous and constant communication between buyer/seller/agent is paramount to success. The man is super reliable and any time I have a question, he has the answer. If he doesn't, he makes sure to find out and get back to me. The man is a walking encyclopedia and wikipedia of real estate answers. Who needs to Google answers, when Darwin is a quick phone call away!

I have enjoyed working with Darwin and will continue to work him on other transactions. With his extensive real estate knowledge, you're in good hands if you work with Darwin. I highly recommend Darwin to be your real estate "partner", because he works with you, for you, and always does his best!

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12/12/2013 - talllsharpie
Sold a home in 2013.

My wife and I weren't sure if we should move from our condo in Milpitas but after talking to Darwin we knew we were making the right decision and that we would be in good hands. Darwin gave us a guarantee that if we didn't get the price we were looking for within 30 days that there would be no cancellation fee or hurt feelings. That was great to hear and put us at ease.

It took about two months to close but Darwin and his wife were very diligent showing the home every weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Darwin kept us up to date on the offers that were being sent and was very thorough and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

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10/31/2013 - hopemarie0903
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $575K in Berryessa, San Jose, CA.

I would highly recommend Mr. Greenwell. My mother sold the family home and because of Mr. Greenwell's knowledge, kindness, and expertise there was little stress on my mother. The service was excellent as Darwin was able to get the price my mom wanted for home and he found a beautiful condo. My mother, myself and my siblings are very happy with his service and would use him again for our real estate needs

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09/21/2013 - dhlutz40
Sold a home in 2013 in Berryessa, Milpitas, CA 95035.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The GODFATHER of South Bay Real Estate!!! How do I start? Well, with the beginning. As I was bound to sell my house on my own, I received an initial email from Mr Greenwell as to say Hello, and "I am here to serve you if you need help selling your home!" Upon that email, I kindly emailed back and said I would rather sell the house on my own as I was reading a "how to" book on how to sell your home by owner. I wasn't in the market for an Agent, especially when I was receiving countless offers from Agents to sell my house. To me, all they see is $$$ and what they can get out of it. I went so far as to interview a different agent, a friend of mine, (not really close) and to my disappointment, all they did was secure my belief that I didn't need an agent. Well, a few more emails from Darwin came through and I would simply ignore them and continue on with my desire to sell by owner. Ok, so, as my wife and I were making plans for a long vacation, we decided that we needed to sell sooner than later because we were now expecting our second baby. Darwin had emailed me a few of his listing where he would be camped out close to my house with a few open houses. I hunted him down, simply to secretly interview him and see if we 'vibed!' I stepped into his open house and shouted "MR GREENwell!" I introduced myself as the 'guy he's been hounding on email about selling my house!' Immediately Darwin greeted me and we simply clicked! I was still not convinced, however, I invited him over for an acutal interview with myself and my wife. That was all it took. Listening to him speak about his passion about the person or people he represents, and how he is there 24/7. Literally we would receive emails and correspondence at 1 in the morning!! He was always on top of the paperwork no matter what time of day, and always followed up immediately. Whether it was texting, emailing, calling or showing up in person, he was there without delay and always ready to take charge! Needless to say he sold our house within 3 weeks for more money than we expected. I highly recommend Darwin Greenwell as a Real Estate Agent, not only for his Charisma, personality and charm, but especially for his knowledge, motivation and negotiation skills! He is truly a 'Team Player,' loyal to whom he is representing!!

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08/12/2013 - patjudt
Sold a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $600K in Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA.

I have to admit that I was a tiny bit skeptical when we hired Darwin to sell our San Jose townhouse. He was projecting a Sales price well above anything we thought was possible. Yet, his energy level was tremendous so I took a chance to see if he could actually deliver. The results were phenominal. Darwin's keen knowledge of the current market conditions and how to sell the value of our home (we lived in a great school district) allowed us to close in 3 weeks with a sales price $100,00 higher than we thought we could get. How did he do it? Expertise.

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