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Greg & Heather Damelio wrote:

what should we do to sell a home that has had very little upgrading from it's original 1940's constr

Sorry about your mom...As with most things in real estate -- it all depends. If you need to maximize the selling price you can do upgrades however, if it entirely original, it may be cost prohibitive to do the improvements.  There are a lot of inexpensive, cosmetic fixes that you could do to increase a sales price and assuming all the original features still work, you shouldn't need to address the major fixes.  Our current real estate market is really strong.  It could be better to take advantage of current market and forego the improvements.  It's best to have a Realtor come in and give you a straight forward cost v. benefit opinion before you decide to put any money in to the property.
December 02 2012

Agents Paid At Closing

Back on topic -- I work with the title representative who works for me.  I choose the title company who is most responsive as they are part of my team.  If they do a good job our escrow is more likely to stay on track.  The most important thing is that the clients get the house closed on time with no mistakes.
April 01 2011

how do i import current sales onto excel spreadsheet?

I would be happy to do this for you. Send me an email and let me know how far back you'd like me to go along with any other particular info you'd like included.
March 08 2011