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Written about The Colley Team on 08/11/2011
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $300K in Loveland, CO.

We found Greg and Nancy Colley by accident... We had contacted the agent we had previously (briefly) worked with concerning a variety of propeties in Loveland, Colorado after discovering a new listing on the internet and wanting further information. After numerous unanswered emails and phone calls sent from our out of state home to this agent we became concerned the property might sell before we had a chance to look at it; we finally called the listing agent; Greg Colley. Greg was understanding that we had been working with another agent and offered to contact her for us; which we declined as we had finally received a voice mail and had followed up with a telephone call to this agent. Her excuse for not contacting us was that she had just "spaced us out", and secondly "wasn't aware that we were in such a hurry to purchase!" We explained to this agent why we had decided to terminate our working relationship and that we would be working exclusively with Greg and Nancy Colley in the future.

Greg and Nancy researched the property we were initially interested in and helped us discover that this was in fact not a property that would suit our needs; they spoke with not only the owner, but with well drillers, county engineers and found FEMA information that answered specific questions for us relating to our intended use of the property. Long story short; It was bitter sweet when we discovered the property would not serve our needs; had we continued with the purchase it would have resulted in a nightmare for us! However the good news for us was that we found our realtors; Nancy and Greg Colley who were willing to go that extra mile for us.

The Colley team continues to offer us exceptional service; never flinching at last minute showings, working closely with other agents and in some cases owners in negotiations. Greg and Nancy have provided us with their comittment, understanding and guidance in assiting us in our search; a rareity in this day and age; I'm sure that our needs and oppinions can make us less than easy clients. We have recently placed an offer on a property that the Colley's found for us in an area of Loveland that they had recommended to us based on our search criteria.

We highly reccomend The Colley's to anyone looking for a realtor who does provide a high level of professionalism and who understands the process in order to make this very important decision become a reality.

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