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How can i narrow my search?


On any search sites online typically you will find a search option either by zip code or city. If you need a narrow your search you can contact a Realtor and give a specific address and then the Realtor can narrow it done either 0.5 mile for the address or more & less  if you need. I hope this help.

Bank of America Short Sale Question


When you have a pre-approved Short Sale with BOA you should have a negotiator contact number. Fallow up with a negotiator to make sure they have all updated documents form you and your client. On pre-approved files you should have a answer within 30 days, after a written approval they will give you prox. 45 days to close. Typically buyer lander wont start the loan process until they have written approval from you. So even if you have a answer from BOA within 30 days you looking to close within next 45 days after you have a approval, unless your buyer is a cash buyer. BOA uses a equator to communicate with you on file, check your Equator to see if you have any msg. there and I would fallow up every week, and then sent a e-mail to the buyers agent to informed them about the file. It is important to keep in touch with the other party, even if you have no answer but they know that you working on file and fallowing up, it makes everyone more come and the buyer will wait.

house value


A Realtor can research a recent sales in your neighborhoods and give you a detail Market Analyses based on recent sales. This will give you idea, however if you plan to sell in 4-5 months I would re-visit the market analysis again as the prices maybe slightly different that now. Keep in mine that the best market to sell is between April and October. The winter tent to have slower market and prices are more flat. I hope this will help.