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I am a first time homebuyer with a question...

I have been looking for a house and have found several multi unit properties in the same price range. My question is, can I purchase the property (4 - 2 bedroom apts) with a regular loan? Not as an investment property. I plan to move into 2 of the apartments, and rent out 2 apartments. Can I get the same loan as I would with a single family residence?

How do I find which bank holds the deed at 7383 Mandy Dr. in Scaramento, 95823?

I am interested in buying, and am trying to do as much as I can to prepare myself. I have tried the county assessor and clerk recorder with no luck. I have contacted a lender to prequal. and a buyers agent, but being Sunday... Any help appreciated. I just want to know what the balance owed to the bank amounts to, and the difference between it and the listing price.