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Can I list home for sale by owner on Zillow?


Yes you can. One big suggestion: do not show your home to unqualified buyers... not only is it a waste of everyone's time but it's dangerous as well! Anyone, including thieves, can say they want to buy your house... but CAN they is a very different situation!

Credit score 580 FHA loan.


You can qualify based on your credit score, the other determining factor is your DTI, debt to income ration, with my lender this can not be higher than 52%. Medical collections won't be used against you.

We can't afford to sell our home for the estimate our broker told us it's worth, what now?


You may absolutely list your home for more. I give my clients an estimate of market value and tell them that I know I can sell for that amount. However I always let them know that if they want to try selling it for more we can do so but that is may be a challenge! I would suggest speaking with another realtors if that one did not explain to you that you could list for more. I would also get a second opinion on price value regardless!