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How to find updated home in Culver City?


There are a number of homes that have been rehabbed, updated and are ready to sell in the Culver City area. Some are on the market, however some owners are holding off for the right offer. We have had a few homeowners reach out to us just in the past month expressing interest in selling their 'modern home' in the Culver City area. Get in touch with a local Broker to get the 'inside scoop' on Real Estate!They usually have information on local properties that has not been listed yet!

Should we sell now or wait?


The Culver City Condo market is a bit different from traditional single family market. In general, single family homes are slow to sell during the holidays based on, well the holidays!Condos however, appeal to a different demographic. Many times, younger, single buyers are looking to capitalize on their time off during the holiday season to move.  The combination of low inventory (even more so in the next 3 months) and the demographic your property will appeal to, I would suggest selling sooner than later. Have 2 to 3 Agents run a Market Analysis for you. Have 2 or 3 Brokers do it!! Get a realistic outlook on what the property is worth.  Go form there and make the best choice for your family.