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do you finace double wide moble homes


I have worked with many mobile homes, as long as it is built in the less 27 years you are in luck.  Many local small banks will fiance these. There is one in dundalk that I found to be the easiest to work with, Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank.  I would strongly encourage you to go to the local banks in Westminster to see about financing.  Mobile homes can be tricky especially if they are in a park, but if you own the property it is just a regular home loan.

Sale price listed on Zillow for a house in my neighborhood is $180,000 < actual sale price!

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Just a few questions to try to gain information to answer your question correctly. Without the property address or neighborhood.Is $180,000 the zestimate for the property?Was $180,000 the list price for the property?Some things that could be the situation: The house sold for more then the list price.  This could be the zestimate. An appraisal will not use Zillow, but rather the MRIS.  Is this a foreclosure?  If that is the case, it can be dependent on what the back actual paid for the house, when it was never on the market.  If you could give a little bit more information we might be able to assist you a little more.