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Do I need to stop making payments on my mortgage in order to get my bank work with me on a loan mod?


Please go speak with your bank now and come up with a solution that best suits your financial needs.If you should decide to do a loan modification, your credit will take a terrible decline and you wont be able to purchase for at least 4 years.  Not to mention, anything else you might need to purchase will be at a higher interest rate.There are other alternatives!  Good Luck!



Wow...I don't have a clue!

Please respond ty all!!


Never heard this type of stipulation from a listing agent.  Do not make an offer until you have that sellers disclosure!

Sale value of the house after tree-damage


I am sure your not the only one with this type of issue.  Make all of the necessary repairs and disclose, disclose and then disclose again.  It will make your buyer feel more comfortable with the situation at hand.Good Luck!