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Lost my home when my Husband left our family for another woman. Who in turn sent him to court for stalking.  He said he could not deal with this family for another 20 years.  So he left us. He never wanted a family he wanted a life of his own with no responsibilities.

Its been a struggle since the same time my job of 24 years at Toys R US. fired me .  the reason was staying on the clock too long since I was the only person servicing a customer at the time and the Manager Left the Store with no one to supervise the 3 other associates in the store.
Im looking for a reasonable home a light fixer upper in the Churubusco area.  I can not afford much due to the fact I have no credit. and working a Minimum wage job to support my kids. since my husband chose to do a JOINT bankruptcy that destroyed my good credit..   I need a min 3 bedroom with basement and property to grow food. my boys are still young and can not do for themselves yet. Im the teacher since my husband never done anything short of Tball for a few weeks in their young lives but didnt stick with it. 
I need this home badly I never owned a home myself but I can take care of one.
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