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08/22/2014 - nodripshere
Inspection service. Henderson, CO

After living in our home for almost a year, we have found numerous dependencies which are in many ways a contrast to the information provided by Mr. Gage. Some of the problems we have found has cost our family in upwards of 10k to adjust, repair, or replace. A few of the items I cannot hold Mr.Gage accountable for, however for the majority, they were just plain oversights. The most frustrating part other than the actual expense, is the fact that I offered to bring in licensed tradesmen, at my own expense, to evaluate each of their fields of expertise. Because of the limited amount of time during the inspection period, the other inspections would have needed to be performed simultaneously with Mr. Gage. He had a problem with this and insisted other people on site would hinder him from being as proficient as he could be. It is my belief that Mr. Gage didn't want to have it made obvious during that time that his services were in fact useless.

I would highly recommend you do your do diligence in choosing a home inspector for yourself. My Realtor recommended Mr. Gage to me and therefore we followed his advice. I don't hold my Realtor responsible for his recommendation, only myself for not taking my own advise.

Do yourself a favor and contract professionals that have spent time in the trades. Stay clear of these guys that put themselves up on a pedestal and proclaim their services are superior to others.


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Response from Philip on 09/15/2014

Not sure why he waited 11 months to let me know that he was dissatisfied with his inspection? It is unfortunate that he didn’t inform me earlier. I have a program in place where I will buy back your house within 90 days for the full purchase price if I miss anything. I still don’t know what it is that I allegedly missed? I reported approximately 92 defects that I couldn’t even fathom to guess the cost to repair. He was informed of the condition of the house. But, according to my tracking system, he never read the final report. He is correct, I did discourage other professionals at the same time as my scheduled inspection because it impedes everyone’s performance. However, I suggested either before or after my inspection. I did recommend other professionals to inspect further My report speaks for it’s self. If anyone wants to view the report please contact me. (Personal information has been removed to protect his privacy.)