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How much out of your normal Realtor duties have you gone recently for a client?


Wow, Connie, I don't think anyone can top your pool story.  You definitely went above and beyond with that one!  As for me, I try to stay within the typical realtor duties, but I also value my relationship with my clients and tend to do favors I would do for friends or family in certain situations.  I think it all depends up on the level of your relationship with your clients, and maintain balance is the key.

How frequently are you using social media?


I use it on a daily basis both to promote my business and network with my personal sphere.  It is one of my main communication tools these days.

Business Finances

How often do you pay for meals on your company credit card in a week? #GMBizCardCommMgr

4 Ways to Stand Out in the Marketplace


In my opinion, these suggestions are not completely ineffective, but rather a little outdated.  I have only been in the business 10 years, but during that time, I have seen the most effective marketing means transition from magnets and baseball schedules to Twitter posts, websites, and online newsletters.  The old school way of marketing mentioned in this article had its time, but that time has definitely passed.

What smart phone do you use for your business?

I have been a die-hard Blackberry user for years, but I am considering switching to the iPhone.  I would love to hear others' thoughts regarding what phone is the most effective for business use and why.

What is a HUD home?

Here is a great article that clarifies what one is & what you need to know if you are considering buying one: